Monday, 17 April 2017


All I think about buying at the moment are these shoes, these crazy expensive designer shoes that no broke student should even be looking at. Especially shouldn't be looking at as the student loan is about to drop, that sensible little voice in my brain gently reminding me 'rent money, rent money'.
I wouldn't actually invest in designer things yet as I don't have a solid income I cant justify spending the money on material things when they probably cost more than a holiday! The JW ones in particular which are my fave and obviously most expensive. BUT i can lust and dream, one day. Ive popped in some of the high street picks at the bottom, ones that I would actually buy.
I'm still not sure where I stand on expensive material goods, an interesting thought for someone who's career is stepping into the world of high fashion. Yet I also have mixed feelings on fast fashion at the moment, I find it hard to see where I stand on things when I change my mind on what I support frequently.
If I had the money would I feel like im being ridiculous spending that sort of money where it could go to experiences or charities. But I would want to support the designers who create these beautiful products as I want to support talent and not copies. Where do you stand?

1: J W ANDERSON Cylinder Heel Leather Mules. £685

These are so beautiful, a bit different and quirky with that cylinder heel yet still wearable. I like both the black and cream but with the croc embossing for sure. At nearly £700 I would have to go homeless for a good couple of months for these bad boys.

2: Balenciaga Speed High Top Sock Trainer £365

These look comfy as so im sure you would get your wear out of them. I think the branding is very small so arn't that in your face 'ive got expensive trainers on'. I mean they are a very big shoe on social media but think only people in the know would clock them. I would feel so freshhhh wearing these.

 I actually LOVE the white but would never buy as im clumsy and careless so would ruin them in minutes.


I just think that these would be super wearable and comfy but still with some quirky fun. Adult Lelli Kellys.

Not high designer but still with a hefty price tag. I have a thing for animal print shoes, in fact nearly every pair I own has some kind of animal print going on. These are so special as they are blue and dreamy.

Always wanted a pair of InstaPumps and these are the coolest ones around. They are currently sold out but probs are about second hand. 


Love a pointed heel, would love some that are moderatly comfortable. Gold really remind me of Proenza. 

Going for comfort with these bad boys. I would love a pair of geeky dad new balance trainers too but wouldn't know where to start looking with those, new balance/ second hand? 


  1. Those JW Andersons are to diiiiiie for. It's a weird world when you both love fashion and hate materiality and wastefulness. I try to make very measured and thought-out purchases, sending my money to things I really love. One day I hope it'll be to some shoes that look like art. <3


    1. Such a good way to look at things! Yes maybe one day we can own some dreamy shoes like this and can justify the cost x x


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