Thursday, 1 September 2016


Glasses- Top : Thrifted 
Trousers: Zara 


My boyfriend and I treated our hard working selves to two weeks in the Grecian sunshine this summer. We covered 4 different islands and one city within the two weeks. So we were pretty much moving every few days, exhausting much. But we like pack as much exploring in as humanly possible whilst still having a few hours spare to lie in the sunshine. Don't you worry, I made sure we had some relax the fudge out nothing moments too. All about balance baby. 

We were in Athens for 2 full days just about enough time to fit the main things in  but would have liked another day to go to the beach. Also Athens is defiantly not the nicest city ive been to, its quite run down and abandoned, basically not as nice as i expected but still worth a visit. 

  1. Six Dogs- Such an lovely bar that makes you feel like your in a huge tree house. Think fairy lights and English ciders.. a rare encounter in Greece.
  2. The Soho of Athens- Filled with antique shops and markets selling the coolest most random things in the world. Also Graffiti central, the streets are full of it and in this area its well done unlike most of the city. If you go on a bus tour it will tell you where this is. 
  3. 360 Bar- This place is potentially over hyped but still worth a visit if your willing to pay 9 euros for a cocktail to get a good view of the Acropolis.
  4. Acropolis and the other ruins- They are the must see of Athens and are brilliant to see, and the views!! are incredible of the rest of Athens. If your a student make sure to take your card with you as you'll skip the 30 euro entry fee. 30 euro!!
  5. Quick Pita- a restaurant that you can sit in with actual nice decor and eat as many 2 euro pitas that you can physically handle. 2 euro is probably the main attraction of this restaurant. Both veggie and meat too.
Que no photos of most of my recommendations but plenty of touristy pics of the Acropolis... 


  1. I absolutely fell in love with Athens when I visited, in fact I posted what I wore to visit the Acropolis the other day!

    you look so cool, lovely photos!

    Sinéad ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

    1. I will have to check it out! thank you hun x

  2. Wow it look amazing! Great post and blog!


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