Saturday, 9 July 2016


I feel very comfortable and in this outfit, it really reminds me of my style from a few years back where I used to wear a lot more vintage pieces. It feels very familiar and therefore very me, although my style has changed quite a bit in the past couple of years its nice to dig out some old classic looks that I feel so at home in. I think my hair has grown a bit too which reminds me of a younger Emily, I totally underestimated how long hair takes to grow back?! 
I have kept hold of lots of the blazers I used to buy, they were my thang back in the day and I have far to many, I feel for the bowing rails that hold my collection of shit blazers. This particular yellow/ gold striped number ive had for years but never worn, midst a wardrobe clear out day I decided I had to get rid of but instead it ended up accompanying my vintage dress on the day of the clothes cull.
Its been worn so i can totally justify keeping for another few years.

Blazer: Charity shop £3
Dress: Charity shop £6
Glasses: Car boot 50p 
Necklaces: Topshop
Boots: Boohoo

In exciting news I'm off to Italy on Monday with one of my best friends, I cant wait been counting down the days and its finally here. Were exploring Pisa, Rome, Naples and Sicily and if anyone has any recommendations on places to visit/ stuff to do on our little adventure let me know!! eeek.

Ive prepared a couple posts to go up whist im away too so will still be some blog content whilst im away enjoying myself. Will no doubt be back with some Itlaia posts when im back so speak then hunnies xx


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