Sunday, 1 May 2016


Haven't done a photo journal in a few months and have been piecing one together for a while. Photos i have taken to serve as inspiration and lots of outfit details/ snippets. Enjoy.
BURGUNDY BLUEA corner of a shop. Literally too obsessed with chipped paint. Also enjoy the decaying wood and lack of any maintenance.
OUTFITA classic turtle neck with eye earing worn as brooch and marble cube necklace. 

CHIPPED WINDOWSILL: Taken in tube station in the waiting room of the windowsill, lovely blues and greens
OUTFITA striped blue scarf from Asos brightening up a plain black and white outfit. (below)

GREY PIPES: Taken at my gym, its very industrial inside with all visible pipes that are usually hidden away.
OUTFIT: Grey tracksuit and pops of blue and orange on shoes similar to the pipes.

Shot of this grey tracksuit from Zara. The most comfy thing i own which still looks like i put in effort. Bag was a bargain sale find in TK Maxx at £8 and new sunnies from Asos HERE.

NOTTING HILL: I clearly love chipped paint, i just see it everywhere i go and think its beautiful.
OUTFIT: Tie side shirt from Topshop, very ballerina esque and new tacky necklace i brought in Topshop sale reminds me of something a European woman would wear on holiday to the coast. 

SAMPLE: A vinyl print inspired by the last picture at Notting Hill, may make it into a tote bag or something.
NOTTINGHAM YELLOWS: Walking around nottingham on a sunday morning couldnt believe how many shops were closed. This yellow textural loveliness is one of my fave photos ive taken in a while. It is of a closed shop.
OUTFIT: A yellow coat and banana top to compliment the picture. A very busy outfit but think it works 

MUTED TONESIn Dalston an old boarded up shop with an interesting word blabble.
OUTFIT: Pony skin leopard print pointed flats copped in Zara sale for £10 a while ago.

OUTFIT: Topshop jumper, Primark waistcoat, Zara trousers and shoes. Love these easy to wear colour block jumpers this is my second one from Topshop and very reasonably priced at £26.
Boyfriend discarded art in the background.

CORNER FLUFFINESS: A corner in a toilet in wahacca brixton, the tiles are a beautiful shade of pink contrasted with the turquoise and grey marbley pattern. 
OUTFIT: A close up snap of a recent outfit post see here. Nice sheer top from primark layered undeneath just adds a little something extra. 

JAMAICAN MARBLE: Taken in Brixton, bottom of corner shop pillar.
OUTFITA from where i stand photo of me wearing a jacket i made featured in this post. Also braving the bare legs. 


  1. Love this post gally! It's so cool seeing how different things you've seen have inspired you, such a fab post idea xx

    1. Thank! love doing them too so expect more :D

  2. This is awesome! I love the first one, those colors are perf.



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