Friday, 29 April 2016


Living in such a large city such as London you can easily miss out on visiting the more obscure random parts or places that you wouldn't ordinarily need to go to. Its so easy to slip into a routine of going to the same places, or places that you feel comfortable and it gets boring. I made a mental note to get out of my comfort zone and actually get out and explore more of London. It sounds slightly lame but its actually really nice to walk to the next tube stop instead of being underground, you get to actually experience the city, it nice and not so nice parts.
My friend Jess and I had a little explore around Dalston last weekend. Neither of us had visited before. We did one of those choose a spot on the tube map of just go. I had a fabulous time, we drank coffee at an organic supermarket filled with gorgeous food that we couldn't afford, brought matching watermelon socks from Glasshouse pop up store, aimlessly charity shopped and finished up with cocktail tasting. Upgrading from our organic coffees to fruity yumminess, I discovered a new love for passionfruit (cocktails).

We both turned up wearing very similar outfits in terms of colours and pattern, we accidentally coordinated. Best friend goalssss. We took some outfit shots of each other, we wanted one together but couldn't build up the balls to ask someone, in future we must bring a boyfriend to help assist.

Jess's outfit is all Zara. Her instagram is jesscalam and she is a babe.

My outfit 
Top: River island
Jacket & skirt: Topshop
Shoes : Primark


  1. Girl I'm so glad you commented on my blog, you are awesome! So excited to follow you.


    1. thanks hun :) yes s glad i came across yours! xx

  2. You both have the absolute best style ohhhh my god <3 killing it babes! x

  3. I love this!! Pinstripe is one of my faves too and you look so good in it! I love everything about your outfits x


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