Thursday, 3 March 2016


My design(L) , Mellisa Eakin (R)

Bruna Ignatowa, Alice Johnson, Pheobe Smith

End of term fashion show documented with of quirky disposables, so artzy. This is a collection of everyones work including my own (below, left).
This was a white shirt project and jeans project both worn by one model. It was the final day of our first term, it nice to showcase your work at the end of the stress of making. Rewarding even.
I have tried to write who designed the garments underneath if i knew who it was. 

The lovely Mellisa modeled my work (left) and her stuff worn by her model on the right. I have to say that her shirt was amazing and was defiantly one of my favorites from the class.
It crazy that everyone has such different styles of designing and also that its so obvious within the the first term. It will be fun to watch everyone grow and change as designers, (im sure everyone will). I love being surrounded by such a talented group of individuals. 


So for the inspiration for my shirt I took photographs from the grounds of my university. I love to take inspiration from a selected place/ area and work from my own primary photographs.
Final Shirt
Fabric Ideas
This was meant to go further but enjoyed the simplicity of the circle idea
Photo Inspiration
Development from photo, lil fatty
More Photo inspration, my favourite scene
Shirt idea from those photos

Final design
Ed Atkins

Louisa Yung
(right) Holly Simpson
That concludes this post, sorry its pretty lengthy. I have taken some photos of me wearing/ styling up my shirt which should be up soon.

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