Thursday, 31 March 2016


A quick outfit post today, wearing this tracksuit contraption from Zara and a tailored coat I made recently. I am in love with the lime green mohair and kind of wished that id make the entire coat from the beautiful stuff. Plans brewing in my mind to make up an entire wardrobe in lime green mohair. yes yes, this will happen. Inspiration for jacket think dapper gentleman/ Sapeurs of the Congo combined all in one jacket/ coat thing. Do I love it? not 100% but you tend get very close to your work that you end up getting sick of it. But i guess im still wearing it so i cant find it too repulsive.

My photography friend Luke Hurlock took these pics for me, perks of living with a bunch of creative bunch. His Instagram name is: 42853o and he takes the best photos.

More interesting posts coming soon when i finally get a break from university in a couple weeks, for now quick outfit posts it will have to be. Hope you like. 

Top/ Trousers/ Shoes : Zara
Coat: EDP
Bag: sheinside
Necklace: Topshop

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