Saturday, 19 March 2016


Im having one of those nothing days today, the days when im still sat in bed at 4pm, hungry but no motivation to move from my sloth corner because i know that food means washing up. Im achieving pure laziness. Its what university does to you. It perfectly acceptable to arise from your bed at 5pm on a weekend. Even a weekday to be honest. 

In my defense I had a very busy week last week with the deadline for my modernity project. I find what motives me to finish the final tedious parts of a project is the thought of it being over. The freedom if you like. Not that i dont enjoy the projects its just the thought that the next one ill do better or have these dreamy ideas about how its going to go. But its always the same. The last draining, no sleep week of trying to get all the last little shitty things crossed off my list. 
But im happy now because i get my slothy weekend of duvet.

I shot these photos the other week, love the location. Well done mumzy top snaps.
Dont look at my boobs dress from Asos. I cant find it on there any more but was from the Asos white collection. Everything Asos white is lush.

Dress n sparkly socks: Asos
Necklace: Marc Jacobs n craft fair
Boots: Zara


  1. I need this dress!! This look is so minimalist and chic I love it and you're definitely my new fave X

    1. same here so glad ive found you blog! xx


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