Wednesday, 17 February 2016


Today I share my favourite dress in the world with you all. 
Its a bomber style dress/ jacket with this amazing bright funky print.  

This is some work from an old project i did on art foundation. It was entitled bubbles and was all about making textile samples. These are abstract drawings of bubbles and was my mood board for the project. Both the dress and this bubbles work both have nice colourful patterns so i thought i would combine them in a post. I will put more work towards the end of the post. 

Styled it with these new balances, they are not my fave shoe in the world but give off a nice relaxed vibe. Trainers are defiantly something that I am getting into, i think its the influence of some of my friends who rock the whole 'sportswear' look. Im much more of a girly girl. But yes i am secretly craving a nike puffa, matching shoes n cap. I think if i did buy something it would have to be second hand as its all so expensive! Probably will never actually buy anything, for now just stick with my pink new balances. Much more Emily. 

Finally check this friggin cute lil fluffy bag. I initially brought it for my cousin for Christmas who is about 5 years of age but couldn't part with it. Got in TK maxx sale for £8! 
Dress: Sheinside 
Earings: Tophop 
Shoes: Office
Bag: TK Maxx

wire bubble structures

For this project I had to use unusual materials to create textile samples and then proceed to design after using the samples within designs. 
I dont have any of my designs as they are at my home home, maybe in the future i will get round to sharing. 


  1. Just found your blog and love it - had to follow you on Bloglovin'! The prints and colours on this dress are so eye catching and vibrant...we're suckers for black but think this dress is stunning :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  2. Absolutely love your blog! Your style is so unique. I have this bomber jacket too, it's so beautiful on you!




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