Wednesday, 24 February 2016


I have been trying to keep a photo journal/ photo of the day thing going ever since my FMP at college. I did it on exploring and heavily focused on taking my own photos of interesting things i see along my 'exploring' ie walking around looking for pretty things. It made me so aware of how anything can be inspirational to me as a designer. And honestly the world in terms of nice aesthetically pleasing things to look at the world is soooo beautifull!! I can fall in love with the smallest thing and it can provide me with so much inspiration for my designing.

I want to share the photos that i take and put out a post every now and again of my favorite photos i taken recently. Maybe every month if i have enough content.
 I will mix it in with other bits too such as outfit details, drawings ect. Some of the inspiration photos matched perfectly with my outfit details too, which shows how they can inspire what you wear day to day aswell.
Feel like these could develop into my favourite types of post ever. Will also have to share more on my instagram : emilypearmann.
 STAND BACK: taken at a tube station, its the obvious mix of different textures and a yellow pop. 
OUTFIT: huge wide leg trousers from Zara sale (try London stores) and an orange tank 
RED TILES: green park tube station(i think) its pretty much covered in these beautiful bright red tiles, attracted to the mass of red shininess.
OUTFIT: a checked culotte tracksuit co-ord that i brought for traveling a couple years ago and red circle coat.
MAINTENANCE DEPT: found on the most beautiful street in soho by The breakfast club. 
OUTFIT: cool velvet checked trousers copped for like £5 in zara sale. And bright navy blue in the same shade as the door. 

SPOTS N STRIPES: another tube station, another inspirational pic, can you tell where i spend alot of my time. Shapes, lines, colours need i say anymore.

BIN STORE: I took outfit pictures in front of this door in a previous post, i think its so beautiful. The grey rectangles, bright burst of turquoise, silver vents and that lovely bold contrast text.

 FLUFF: Wanted to share this shirt with you, but its not worthy of a whole post. It probably looks pretty basic but its such beautiful fabric to the touch, and its a mens shirt so its super over sized. I got it from a carboot sale for my dad but i kept it, its also a Balmain shirt and i payed about 50p. Winning. 
Shirt: carboot 
Bag: topshop sale £5!
Trousers: forever 21
Shoes: zara

SHATTERED TILES: spotted whist fabric shopping in Goldhawk road. Love how the tiles have worn down, shattered and left reminiscence of their original blue matte finish.

WORN AWAY: this was pointed out to me by my boyfriend and i felt very proud. He knows the type of thing that i am attracted to and can appreciate unintentional beautiful things. The chipped paint creates this reveal of what was once there and adds some nice colour. 


  1. Soo inspirational - I like to look for beautiful things everywhere too, love the last photo - the peeled color is so beautiful!


  2. Great post! great inspiration!


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