Friday, 5 February 2016


Today i wanted to share an AW trend and some illustration work from a recent project.

This was one of my projects from the first term. Was a really exciting project taught by the Illustrator Richard Grey, who was an amazing teacher really stretched me to do more interesting/different illustrative work opposed to more photo-realistic drawings. Im glad in the end that he pushed me out of my comfort zone.
I basically started with my normal style which ive been doing for a year or so below:

I tried experimenting with different styles like the examples below and had some really fun/intense drawing classes trying out lots of things. 

With hands i like to draw long exaggerated fingers, i really worked on them lots, see the final style at the bottom of the page. 

I choose to go with a colour theme as a trend, that being pink, blue, purple & red. The looks all go together really well when you look at them as a collection of looks. The only one that may be slightly clutching is the Issey Miyake look. We had to have at least one look from each of the 4 main fashion capitals, i choose mainly London designers because they had some really beautiful things to draw. Note the Christopher Kane lace bodies number, one of my fave looks from the all of AW15 shows.



I suppose this is a little insight to the illustration project if you are joining Westminster, or interested in applying. It was a very stressful six weeks at the beginning of the the term, this was one of i believe 6 projects that were running at the same time. And believe me this is only a tiny selection of work i produced for this project that is in this post. So if you are thinking of coming to Wesminster be prepared to get snowed under with work and work your ass off just to get through the first 6 weeks. 

To my blog readers, i hope you dont mind this sort of post. In the future my work will probably revolve around designing and garents that i can share with you. 

See my classmates work here: WESTMINSTER FASHION
Everyone has such differnt unique styles and its beautiful to see. I always think that people are more attracted to photo-realistic illustrations so i hope you like the slightly more unusual style.

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  1. I love these! Amazing work!


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