Friday, 29 January 2016


After the purchase of the coat i realised the very similar/exact copy of a coat from Celine Fall collection in 2012. I feel slightly annoyed as a fashion student and someone who keeps up with high fashion shows that i didnt pick up on the copied design. I do not agree with these companies like sheinside copying designers work, stealing creativity. As a design student myself i would not promote wearing a copied design. I would like to stress that i realised after i had purchased otherwise i wouldnt have thought of buying the coat. I was very surprised that such a perfect coat was so cheap, yes alarm bells should have been ringing but i was to excited to find my dream coat for a dreamy price of £30. 
I will still wear this coat as i have it now, my mum gave it for my for Christmas and she loved to give it to me. But i will just wear it on certain occasions not everyday as i want it to still be special to me. And also the fabric isnt the best quality so i dont think it will have a very long life so trying to take good care of it. 
On a positive note i have never received so many compliments for an item of clothing. Its defiantly a crowd pleaser. And i do love it so much. I would only change the pink panel on the back as find it slightly annoying but the front colours are perfect. 

Coat: sheinside
Top: topshop 
Trousers & Shoes: zara 

Celine Fall 12- so good.


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