Thursday, 21 January 2016


Im not usually someone who wears much black but it does make me feel very 'fashion' when i do. I just really wanted to wear this lovely wrap over skirt in the daytime, as i usually keep it for a night out. However could easily rock this look on a night out, i wore it to my friends house party. It does have an incredibly high slit though, very riskayy. So for sure need a little skirt underneath, or your year 7 little boob tube if you havent got a black skirt like me.

I perked up the dullness of the outfit with the amazing colourful fluffy scarf thing, its so ugly but so good. And warm... deff need some fluffy warmness when braving the bare legs. 

The over coat is one of my mums dresses but i like to wear it as a jacket, it has a nice slightly shiny texture to it (although you cant see it very well in the pics). 

Skirt: Zara £6 in sale!
Top: Miss selfridge
Coat: Gap 
Scarf, Bracelet & Bag: ASOS

 I know it my blog looks a little dull at the moment but am still working on the artwork and things , will come together slowly but surely!

Also please leave comments with your blog names, need to find some more active blogs to follow!


  1. Wow! Great Photos and nice outfits ^^

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