Monday, 3 August 2015


Im currently working on restarting my blog, im going revamp this one and switch it up. Going to change quite a bit veering away from just outfits.. this is all to come. Ive got a few outfit posts i want to get up before i properly restart, probs about time to get some new content up.

This is a dodgy attempt at an outfit of the day, just easing myself in please bare with guys.

The jacket i got from a car boot its whistles, i prefer wearing it with the collar tucked in as im wearing it here, gives an interesting shape.
Cream jumper i got from a charity shop, a very good basic. 
Trousers were from zara sale, a pin striped jogger. Love taking the formal fabric and using it within such a casual trouser. 

Jacket- carboot £3
Jumper- charity shop £2
Trousers - zara £6
Shoes- primark £10

I think im more of a bargain hunter than ive ever been, cant wait to share all my bargain goodies with you as new and improved blog emerges .. couple weeks probably!
Stay tuned.

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