Sunday, 6 October 2013


Hello Beautiful's, 
I've been super busy the past few weekends attending various open days for university's, its crazy that i could be leaving home and going to uni next year, a strange excitable yet panicked mode takes over when i think about it. Yesterday me and my friend plodded up to London College of Fashion, unfortunately we were late and missed the only talk we wanted to hear but we got a good feel for the uni, if anyone studied fashion design at LCF or anywhere else in the country for that matter and enjoyed it please let me know, would love to hear what people really think of their courses and would give me an idea of where to look next! 
Anyway this is my outfit today featuring a little DIY...

In summer i DIYed this little skirt and top by simply cutting an old dress in half, it made it very versatile in summer because it meant i could wear the pieces separatly or both together as this outfit shows. I tried to layer it in this outfit because its still a little cold so simply added this plain white shirt underneath. This is my college bag, its perfect. Fits all my sketchbooks in perfectly and i love it, it cost me £8 from a boot sale which is steep for a car boot yet i'm so glad i invested! As for the boots also from a boot sale, originally Topshop, good condition and only £3!

Dress- Topshop & DIY 
Shirt, Bag, Blazer, Necklaces & Boots- Car Boot Sale

Dress into matching top and skirt set, very simple and easy to do...

1: Start with a dress you no longer wear and want to chop up to inject some new life into.
2: Fetch some scissors that will cut through fabric, these are from Ikea and do the job nicely!

1: Cut the top away from the skirt, this particular dress had a strip of elastic on the waist so i just just above the waist elastic.
2: I folded over where i had cut and stitched on my sewing machine to create neat edges where i had cut, and that's it done!

Hope you have a lovely weekend...


  1. This outfit is perfect and your hair looks amazing xx

  2. This DIY two piece is super cute, you look lovely! I'm not studying fashion but I do attend one of UAL's colleges and I reckon they have a great range of facilities and a really good and convenient uni system :)

    1. thank you! really okay thanks for letting me know, so good to hear someones opinion who's studying there :D

  3. Love this outfit! Such a good DIY idea!

  4. Love this!! Such a cute look and those boots are gorgeous!

    1. thank you! and such a bargin too :D

  5. Great DIY project to make something into an item you want to wear! the boots are lovely too!

    Lexie xx

  6. Thank you for following! I follow back now :)

    This is a perfect look! I love every piece, especially the bag! What a gorgeous bag, I wish I would own such a pretty one :)

    x Maria

  7. You look stunning babe. :)

    Just found your blog - it's so adorable. New follower. :) xx

  8. Gorgeous i love this dress


  9. omg you look adorable! ssoso gorge, that blazer is to die for a clever idea to make use of an old dress!

    love your blog, now following x

  10. Everything you're wearing in this post is gorgeous. I'd be so frightened to cut up my dress like that, but i guess i don't know how to sew hahah. :)

    Your latest follower on Bloglovin' and GFC, Lauren x

  11. very creative and cute too, love it! xx

  12. Amazing! I like the vintage sense/vibe your outfit gives. I also think it's great what you did with your dress :)
    If you want you can check out my blog & maybe follow each other (gfc, bloglovin)?


  13. Just realised that I have been following you on Instagram (@emmielois) for a while now and haven't looked at your blog yet!
    Safe to say that I have found a new little gem I will enjoy reading and now following you on bloglovin!

    Loving the look btw, those boots are fab!
    Eughh I know how you feel. I have been going to so many open days and doing all my ucas stuff, it's just relentless!
    Hope you get to where you want though!

    emmie :) xxx


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