Tuesday, 13 August 2013


So this is my first proper 'How's Life' post, all it is basically is a week in photos. I always like looking at other peoples weekly i-phone snaps so thought i would do my own for y'all. 
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My cousins Chanel make-up, so so jealous just want to steal it all.
Selfie including sale crop top from River Island £5! Barginous. 
Shopping in Mayfair- my favorite place <3

Oooh naughty purchases.
Went searching for birthday presents for myself lol- one of these may have come home with me, oops.
Going off to the boot sale on one early Sunday morn.

New beautiful sleek lipstick- in Vamp.
ROTD- rings of the day lol (thrifted and River Island)
Feeling smart writing in my Marc J notebook with my Marc J lipstick pen, the little things in life <3

Painted the stand for the mannequin in my bedroom cream, cute x
Prezzo desserts- OH YES
Feeling fierce in my new glasses and sleek 'Vamp' lippy.

Watermelon slices galore.
Enjoying using my disposable camera.
Ingredients for my fave soup- red lentil and vegtables

River Island arm cuff and midi rings.
Topshop chick socks AWW.
Black n white outfit close up

Loving these colours together, thanks for the inspo Topshop
Mini Tic-Tacs though...
Matching skirt and bracelet.

Ciao Bellas, until tomorrow.


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