Monday, 12 August 2013


This is a collective haul from a couple of boot sales within the past 3 weeks or so. I thought i would do a collective haul as i haven't been finding much recently but altogether it makes a nice fat post. 
 I am going to attempt to post everyday this week so this is the first post of many! Enjoy <3

  THIS DRESS has me so excited its crazy. I spotted it as i was walking through the car boot and darted straight towards it (usually when i dart towards something that catches my eye i get a close up and it turns out that my darned eyesight has failed me and the garm is UG LAY) but not today. Oh no not only did i LOVE the dress when i got close up BUT its also a Zandra Rhodes. *excitement building* It has beautiful cutout sleeves, amazing hand embellishment all over and is 100% silk.
 So overly happy with finding it - just shows that all the trawling through boot sales can pay off when you get gems like this. I will to do an OOTD wearing it at some point so you can see it in all its glory as these pics definitely don't give it credit. 

Vintage sparkly silver jumper £1 
Zara waxed effect black jeans £1
Topshop leather black bag £3 - been using this as my everyday bag, so spacious and soft too!

 Accessorize necklace £1.50- perfect to jazz up a plain outfit
Sunglasses 50p - been looking for a pair like this, robust and not plastic!

 Its horrible buying jumpers in the summer but its when everyone clears out their winter wardrobes so they are always at boot sales in the summer. But its good to stock up on them for winter...
Striped jumper GAP £2
Topshop blue cardigan £2

 Everything i am buying at the moment seems to be this khaki green/ brown shade, i am really appreciating these easy to wear casual colours at the moment. 
Combat skinny's River Island £1.50
Green cropped jumper ASOS £1
Brown/ bronze dress £2 
Long Cardi £1

Large cotton reel - £1 - will go in my bedroom somewhere
Gold snake bracelet £1
Silver snake necklace £2 - Obsessed with snake jewelry  

Brooches - all around 50p each.

Being a Fashion student i always look out for art/ craft bits. I brought the stamps to decorate a notebook cover or something like that. 
Water colour paper 50p
Winsor and newton water colour palette £3 - So happy with this! 
Stamps - £2

Marc Jacobs Notebook £2 & All brand NEW make up! MAC Highlight is beaut £2 & so is lip-gloss £1, Bare Minerals powder £2 and purple Clinique eye-shadows £2.

Dior & YSL bronzers, the packaging looks rather old but they are both such a beautiful shades!

Obviously you couldn't find exactly the same things as ive found but hopefully these hauls can give you an idea of what to look out for if you ever go thrifting or to boot sales!


  1. wow you found some right hidden gems, you lucky thing!

    amy x

  2. such amazing thrift finds! thanks for sharing and also for taking the time to visit my blog. followed you back and looking forward to your updates.


    1. thats okay! thank you for following love your blog! x

  3. Ah, what an amazing haul, I'm also a car booty addict, you can find some amazing bargains for fraction of the price :D love your blog.


    1. there just my favourtie thing ever haha! xx


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