Monday, 10 June 2013


I am an absolute sucker for a boot sale bargain, its almost a tradition for my mother and i to wake up at a ridiculous hour and head off to the Sunday boot sales. I suppose its quite sad but they are undoubtedly one of my favorite things to do (well go to) selling is way to long for me. I don't know what it is but i just get so overly excited about going, exciting life i lead eh haha. But seriously boot sales are the best thing ever and everyone should go, how couldnt you not love a big ass bootay.

I thought i would show you what i picked up this week, i will do clothes in this post and other bits in another. You wont get the exact same things as me but i am sure you can pick up things which are much the same!

I hope you like these hauls, i would like to do weekly ones but you will have to let me know if ya like these posts!

This collar is just so unique and interesting and only about £1

Wool skirt  //  Bright pink T (perfect for layering) and for a pop of colour £1.50 for both

Pixelated hounds tooth shirt//  Multi bright vintage shirt // Oriental top (always wanted one of these) £1 each.

River Island bag £1.50 // Striped skirt 50p //  Shirt £2 
All pretty tops and cardigans, hopefully for some boho looks , all £1 & 50p's 

Beautiful Topshop dress, i adore this £5 ( more than i would usually pay but SO worth it) 

Embellished Topshop top £3 // See- through dress £2 love them both

Embracing my inner Ugly Betty, actually a cardi but its rather unique & will be rather interesting to style £2
I did get some other bits but they are still in the wash but hope you like some of the stuff, im sure they will appear in some future outfit posts so stay tuned hunnys <3

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