Friday, 8 June 2012

grey grey grey

so i suppose i look a  bit drab today as im wearing a considerable amount of grey, even the weather has decided to match me being terribly grey and dull, yet im still going to wear my sunglasses because im certain that the sun will peak through at some point and im obviously very cool ... also taking a mammoth bag because im going to my friends house after.

top: gap
jumper: charity shop
skirt : noah noah
belt: matalan
necklace: charity shop (fave)
boots: ebay
bag: car boot sale 50p booooooosh 
earings : matalan
sunglasses: ray ban 

so i mixed dalmation print (jumper) with leopard print (belt) along with is skirt that i am in love with, its just great isnt it ha ha.
and yes that bag does have speakers in. like wtf i know wayyyyy too epic. 

i went into town with minimal money for myself (buying dads bday prezzies) but i picked up these earings:
wooden crosses- matalan £4

massive dangly's- topshop £3.50 sale 

love these crosses, but the other ones from topshop i would never normally go for yet i really like the bright yellow, feeling to wear them with my hair up and something black , will show you when i do wear them :)


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  1. Wow great find with the jumper! Love it :)

    Lucy x


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