Sunday, 26 February 2012

a little pastel

went out for dinner tonight with some family friends, (had a lovely time!), didnt want to wear anything too crazy just wanted a simple girly look. i stumbled across this pastel mint coloured dress and dicided to layer it up a bit. I brought this purple top from topshop aggggeeeeeeeeeees ago, i have hardly even worn it but its pastel so on it popped. i always layer my clothes up, this dress looks nice without all the extras, i will wear it without all the other clobber soon, but for now layers are for keeps. Also wearing my old but never worn white fur gilet from hnm, i quite like it makes me look like a big cudly bear, and thats always good i suppose. 
i feel like my outfits differ quite a lot day to day, i dont have a certian style that i stick to with every outfit i wear, i change my style dependant on how im feeling/ what im doing. i love all the differnt ways i can wear clothes, everything is so versitlie. there obviosly are some looks i try to avoid i dont like to be wearing the same things as others and i dont like to be swept up with every single 'street trend' i pick out common trends that i like, for example collars and pastels (not that ill be purchasing and new pastel things, im saving!) and encorpirate them into wardrobe. quite a few people have the 'rocky studs and crosses look at the moment, and people look great in it! i quite like that trend however thats just not me. i do actually have a studded grey leather jacket from a few years ago just hanging at the back of my wardrobe, im sure it will make an appearence one day when im feeling a bit 'grunge', but for the time being it can stay where it is whilst i wear my cute pastel dresses! 

so the outfit: 
tights: matalan
dress: mothers ~monsoon
top: topshop
lace back blouse: malalan ~ papya range
fur gilet: hnm
broches: car boots
necklace: from my cousin~ chanel <3
bangles: primark



  1. Nice combination! I love the necklace :-D Thx for following, I'll follow you too! xx

  2. Great blog! New follower :)

    Kirsti xx

    1. yay thank you love your blog too! XX


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