Wednesday, 8 February 2012

art pictures

thought i would share with you some pictures i took tonight for my art project! 
the project is entitled 'here and now' which is very broad so you could basically do whatever you wanted. however i knew i wanted to do something to do with fashion so ive chosen a couple of things~ how fashion and trends are affected by the internet, so sort of taking inspiration from blogs and sites like tumblr and combining whats going on on with fashion 'here and now'. and also how fashion can give people confidence, how people hide behind the clothes they wear. yay :) i just think it will be great fun to do this and i know it will keep my intrest!
i took some pictures tonight of myself for the 'hiding behind the clothes' aspect..... well its more hiding behind accsessories but yano ~

haha hope you like! ask me anything more if you would like to know. 
i took a load more of all differnt things but may post them at a differnt time.
when ive done some pieces for this project will definately post them!

as you might be able to see roughy in these pictures ive also had my hair cut , just got all my split ends off, nothing to drastic just thought id let ya know !
ps. that foundation i was talking about in my last post is fine lol
night xxx


  1. Cute! The amount of rings and the fact that you said that people hide behind their clothes (so true!) made me think of 'excess' in terms of 'here & now'... just a thought that may/may not help with your project!

    Cute blog anyway, will be following from now on :)

    Take a little peek at mine:

    1. thank you! yes thats a great idea thankya! (:
      will have a look xxxxxx

  2. haha! hilarous! love this!

  3. Loveeeeeeeeeee this picture! I am such a sucker from accessoriess, especially rings. That cross ring <3 <3 <3.

    Love Nails. Love Obsession-Lacquer.


    1. ah thank you! i know right its a beaut !
      will check it out


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