Monday, 23 January 2012



anyways before you slate me on the major clashing between my hair and skirt, im am really not too fussed about it. just really wanted to wear to wear this forest green colour!
i have also just realised that i tend to not fit my head in the pictures i take! i have no idea why, i will hopefully fit it into some of my other pics soon not that you even care aha!
as you can see this skirt again is quite long, neither midi nor maxi, more calf lenght. to me calf lenght is just plain boring mummsy, so i dont even know why im wearing them recently, just am i suppose?
earrings: matalan~ they remind me of curtain tassel's, lol
striped shirt: car boot last summer
skirt: noah noah (actually a dress)
owl brooch: primark
clock brooch: was one of those changeable ribbon watches but one side broke so just wacked a bit of ribbon through the side and saftey pinned it onto the shirt, bingo.
should be putting a few more posts  up this week and might even have a re-giggle of my layout so dont be alarmed if you pop onto here one day and its alll changed :)
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love xx


  1. I like this outfit. It looks nice - the green skirt is very cool :)
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  2. love this outfit , that colour is so nice!
    great blog too, following
    mantenso xx

  3. well amazing blog, and LOVED your outfit..
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