Sunday, 15 January 2012

This was a very random outfit choice i made today, its a lazy sunday and was feeling to just chill with the family. Im a great believer in brightening up a day with your choice of attire and thats what i wanted to do today, not my favourite outfit choice ive ever made but still saw me through a normal boring sunday with a little pop of summery coral. The way i have my hair is just in two buns at the back of my head, i watched a tv programme once and the girl had her hair like this, always wanted to do it so i did. beam
top: v.old new look (customised the pocket ages ago with a small union jack flag, some red rope, a spotty bow and a couple of buttons. Then today just pinned on that cameo today to bring a bit of coral into the top)
skirt: noah noah (dont know if you have one of these shops near you? but its quite a nice little shop near me)
socks: sparkly silver from primark (couldnt find anything else )

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suprised i havent mentioned it before :o 
thanks lovelys 

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