Sunday, 22 January 2012

pastel lilac hair

ah herrow. hope y'all okay.
so basically over the past few days ive been having problems with taking things seriously, just keep laughting at everything, life just seems so funny and i have no idea why. i would love to be able to say ive been studying like mad, but i just havent. continuously finding things to distract myself. even dip dyed my hair lilac to pass a few hours,but i lavvv it.
so this is what it looks like.
its just a bit of fun really, love how it just makes things a little more interesting.  and its not perminate which is good because if i get bored of it it will just wash out with time.
just curled it with my ghds here. i used directions dye in lilac!

1 comment

  1. how long did you leave the lilac from directions in your hair?


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