Sunday, 15 January 2012

helllo everybody. hihihihihih,
oh gosh just gone and spent a small fortune in the asos sale, which btw is pretty amazing! and thought id just share with you one of the things i have ordered because i am zuper excited about it, i will show you the rest when i comes most probally. so i ordered this amazing kooky Suitcase print blazer ! not going to lie how darned cool is that?! cannot wait till that baby comes, will probally look stoopid because it might be a little big but who cares i obviously just had to have it.
however i REALLY shouldnt be spending my money because im saving up for a five day summer corse at london collage of fashion! its for 16-18 year old's so cant wait to book up for that! ...just need to stop spending all ma dolllar. i will probally go into more detail about it in another post, actually i will because i want to talk about it more lol but would like to inform y'all about it. exciting stuff. woohooooooo
mwaaaaahhhhhhh <3

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