Sunday, 15 January 2012


 hey hey hey. Tis me, me being Emily Pearman & this is ma new blog. was beginning to dispise my old blog, just looked at some of the outfits i posted and cringed. if you didnt know my old blog im not going to tell ya either :p all that matters now is FASHIONBELIEF  i must keep up to date! no, i WILL keep up to date. i would love and cherrish anyone who follows or glances at my blog whenever you can, and all comments are welcome. If you want me to check your blog or ask me a question leave a comment or email me. i hope that you like, mwahh!
I have my own style yet i like to think its still 'evolving'. i change what i wear dependent on my mood, so your style may be reflected some days and not on others, but thats the magic of fashion you can just be inspired and encorpirate things into your own wardrobe. The reason i like to blog is to inspire people into wearing whatever you want and not to change dependent on peoples comments or anthing stupid like that. i know that in the past ive had comments about the way i dress and look however now and already this year i just dont have a care in the world for people like that. and neither should you!
What im going to do on FASHIONBELIEF is simply post outfit's, things that inspire me, anything that is fashion related in my life, which is quite a lot really, but ill just post the things i want to share with you guys. maybe even a few DIYS! i am still at school y11 so mainly only have full outfits on weekends, so only expext a few posts a week, may try to do a little update or something, will see how it goes!
okay thanks guys, much love !

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  1. Love the blog dear (:

    Newest follower!!

    xoxo Effy


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