Sunday, 29 January 2012

dressing like boys

hola amazing people.
big thanks to everyone whos following! cyber hugs and kisses...

 unfortunatly i didnt have any time to take outfit pictures from friday or saturday, seem to always be in such a hurry! but might compile a 'week in pictures' though just so i just pop up another post! but i did today ,which is sunday, so todays outfit:

birdcage necklace: topshop
tassel necklace: river island
ring: asos
top: topman (brought it for my dad and just stolen it ) 
trousers: hnm 
dog tooth/ gingham blazer: charity shop . i l o v e i t 
red watch: moschino cheap and chic
croc bag: estee lauder vintage 'make up case' just tied on a handle
 and red lips to finish off!

and these are my new rose tinted blue circle sunnies! and i think they are great. ordered them off the asos sale for £3, i know omg. didnt actually wear them because its obviously not sunny but just wanted to show you guys:)

oh and i tried today to get my face into these pics but its really hard because to get it in i have to stand further back and all the light goes dark and you can hardly see anything. so we will have to cope with no face which is probally a good thing in all honesty .and sorry for the dodgey quality on some pictires camera doesnt like dogtooth/gingham fabrics for some reason.

its very casual, quite a boyish outfit, even wearing blokes clothes! not feeling too ott today. im sooo bloody tired  didnt sleep on friday night so still catching up with myself! hope you had a good weekend.
mwah xxxxxxxx


  1. wow, loved this outfit:)
    you look great in it!

  2. ahh cute outfit! love the sungigs. x

  3. Awh you have the cutest style !
    Im in love with that blazer...such a good find :)
    Thanks so much for the lovely comment on my blog & for following...Im not following yours too.



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